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Дневник пользователя 777akm
"Sometimes it's difficult to find time for ourselves. In the morning we drive to work listening radio where some man, who in real life is melancholic, talks bull (tries to be funny) between three and half minute songs so people wouldn't fall asleep behind the wheel. ADVERTISEMENT

Then to work. After that back home to watch TV. Some new tragedy
staring back from the screen. The economic downturn, a flu epidemic, local soap and reality show where they show the most naive people they could find and cut together as provoking clips as possible. Some will get hurt, but who cares. The main thing is that it sells.

Same every day. Our minds are being
influenced from million different directions. Women have to be pretty and men rich. Expectations. Opinions. No wonder we don't notice where the humanity and tolerance tends to disappear in all this madness. The less satisfied we are with ourselves, the more we criticize everything around us. If we would feel happy and satisfied all the time then nobody/nothing would disturb us."


"Not wise to have judgemental opinion without really knowing the background. Really ignorant to judge anyone, not knowing the person, not knowing anything about this person's life. Each and every achievement takes tears and
sacrifices, every victory requires compromises. There's no free meals. Some want to shine brightly and cause scandals, others want to work quietly until they reach their mountain.

Both are brilliant, only their values and
principles are different. Some want to be presidents, others raise children at home. One is not more important than the other, both want to be relevant for someone. Also the president has a mother and without that mother he/she wouldn't be the president.

To keep it short, deep inside we all want one thing - love. We are just looking for it from different places. In fact, we are not so different from each other, all of us are fragile and we are all equally easy to break. Some hide their red eyes behind expensive sunglasses other's cry into twenty years old pillow. But the tears are salty in same way. Lets think before we rush into judging and if possible, then lets not judge at all, instead we should try to understand others better if we care even a little...

I wish you all beautiful and peaceful holidays. Take time to look inside yourself and be friendly."

Kerli Kõiv
(took the words from my mouth)

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