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Дневник пользователя NewSensation

Beauty - What does the word Beauty mean to you ? Well in the Dictionary Beauty is defined as this " The combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and mind " Ok,so let`s consider the Beauty of a woman.It`s only human nature that if we see an Attractive woman,our mind is telling us " Oh,Wow,she is so Beautiful " But yet,this opinion is only made from the outer appearance that we see before our eyes.The woman has Gorgeous legs,Sexy figure,Fantastic breasts,Lovely long hair and so on and so on,So we`re attracted by what we see,that is obvious.

But yet that true reality is this.Looks can be deceiving and this Gorgeous woman that we see in front of our eyes may well have absolutely nothing Inside her heart.She could be cold,spiteful,unfriendly,vain and not a nice person at all.She loves herself more than she could love any other man or Infact any other person.So even with those Beautiful looks she possesses in appearance,well then in my opinion they count for nothing at all if she is an heartless woman in charactor.The " True Beauty " in a woman,again in my own opinion is this.If she has a warm heart full of sincerity,kindness,love and is friendly,fun to be with,always honest,natural,modest,appreciative and just being herself,then that is what a truly Beautiful woman is like,so she therefore is worthy of the title " The Beauty of a Woman "

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