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Дневник пользователя NewSensation

Girls/Women - Hmm,one of lifes biggest mysteries,well to the mind of almost every man anyway.But what make a Girl/Woman special from the rest ? Ok well my own thoughts are like this.As we all know there are so many people who use the Internet,and there are so many chat/communication,friendship sites such as this one.Girls/Women are all around us,everywhere on all of these such sites.It`s always Interesting to look at the photos and profile of any Girl/Woman on the Internet and from there it`s possible to get an Idea in our head what this person may be like.

Every Girl/Woman is different in charactor,some are shy,some are more open and daring.Some Girls/Women are happy to put just simple,natural photos on their profiles.Other Girls/Women feel the need to have to put more revealing pictures on there,usually in an attempt to attract more attention from men.Of course if a Girl/Woman puts such photos on her profile dressed in such a way,then it`s blatently obvious that she will get many comments,messages and being constantly targeted by men,who thrive on seeing such photos.

The point I am trying to make is this.A Girl/Woman who is searching for attention just by flaunting her body as a temptation for some excitable man,is just being the male equivalent of a " Charmer " So that Girl/Woman is in my opinion being a " Teaser " She is able to exploit and manipulate almost any man just by using her appearance and body.I am almost certain that every Girl/Woman in this world wants to feel good about herself and loves receiving attention from men,but only if that is " Wanted Attention " in the terms of kind,sincere words and not just meaningless,sleazy charm as most men say to all females online.But I believe that far more Importantly,it is what is Inside the heart of this particular Girl/Woman that counts the most.If she has a kind,warm heart and is sincere and friendly then that is what makes that Girl/Woman Special.A Girl/Woman with a Gorgeous,Sexy body but with nothing Inside her heart is really worth nothing,other than being eye-candy for desperate men.But a Girl/Woman with warmth Inside her heart,who is respectful and understanding and fun to be with,truly typifies,to me anyway,what a real Special female is.

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