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Дневник пользователя NewSensation

The word " Equality " Look in a dictionary and you`ll find it means " The state of being equal " So talking about people and the word equality.Well in this life,in this world we are all equal.We were all born,we all came into this world in the same way,and we will all leave this world when our time comes.And to survive throughout life,we all must eat,drink,sleep and use the toilet.So therefore if you think about all these things together,the fact is that we are all equal.Nobody is better than anyone else.

Yes,it is certainly true,some people are much more friendly and caring than others.And some people are fortunate enough to have beautiful looks too and are far more attractive than some other people.But yet what do Beautiful looks mean if the person has nothing Inside their heart ? Infact those Beautiful looks then mean nothing at all,absolutely nothing !

The point is this.No matter how Beautiful or so called " Hot and Sexy " a person may look or a person may think of themselves as that,Well that person is no better than anyone else,Never has been and never will be.There is no such thing as a " V.I.P or Superstar or whatever else " As in this life,everybody is an equal.It`s just a pity that there are some people in this world who seem to rate themsleves so highly that they really do think they`re some kind of " Unequalled person "

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