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Дневник пользователя NewSensation

So,I found this very Interesting Indeed.Apparantely this is how the mind of a Girl/Woman is thinking.And the words below all have different meanings.So below are a list of words and sentences and the first column is what the Girl/Woman says,then followed by what she is really thinking,and the real thought Inside her mind (Phew !)

Yes = No
No = Yes
Maybe = No
I`m sorry = You`ll be sorry
We need = I want
I`m not upset = Of course I`m upset
Am I fat = Tell me I`m Beautiful
Give me a moment to get ready = Wait for me as long as it takes

Wow ! If all these words and quotes about how a female is thinking are true,then Oh my god.It does`nt give us men very much chance of ever understanding a Girl/Woman (Hmmm) There is a puzzle called " Sudoku " actually it`s very difficult to solve.So maybe trying to understand a female is as hard,if not harder than trying to solve a game of Sudoku - Oh damn ! Maybe we could have problems here....

But hold on a minute,The only difference between Sodoku and a Girl is that with Sodoku if you can`t work out the answers then you can always find them.But with a Girl,if you can`t work out what`s she like,thinking and feeling,then you never ever will

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