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Дневник пользователя NewSensation

It`s a Big night out for a man and a woman but yet when you consider the decisions faced by them both,then you realize the Big differences in the thinking of the human mind too.

Ok,so firstly for a woman,Obviously she wants to look Stylish and to Impress,so for her she has many decisions and choices to make.

1 ) Shall I wear a skirt or dress ?

2 ) What colour and length shall I go for ?

3 ) How shall I style my hair - plaited,ponytail,straight,wavey,long,short ?

4 ) And how about my hair colour,which should I choose this time ?

5 ) Now for the shoes,Hmm shall it be high-heels,flats,boots or something else ?

5 ) Cosmetics,Do I wear the red or pink lipstick ? Or maybe another colour,Do I elect to go for the eye-shadow or eye-liner,mascara,coloured nails,Hmm perhaps I`ll go for them all.But what colour should I choose ?

6 ) Jewellery,Do I wear a nice ring or even many nice rings,or maybe a stylish necklace,bracelet or some pearls ?

7 ) How about the handbag,Shall it be a small sized compact hand held one or a slightly bigger shoulder style handbag ?

8 ) Perfume,Now which fragrance shall I choose ? well I`ve only got about 600 different perfumes in my collection,so the choice should not be so difficult to make

9 ) And finally what kind of date would I prefer,Maybe a restaurant,a small cosy cafe,a dinner for two at home,the cinema,a concert,a nightclub to go dancing ?

And now for the man and his decisions..

Hmm,hold on a moment,I`m thinking hard here and can`t seem to think of any decisions that a man must make,Oh apart from a couple of things

1 ) Ok,now what was the name of this Girl ? Ermm,Damn I`ve having trouble remembering

2 ) Did he remember the packet of condoms

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