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Дневник пользователя NewSensation

As the saying goes " Every person is different " We all have different thoughts,views,opinions.We all have different charactors and traits.To understand a person takes time and effort.

And now what about the so called " Barbie Girl " Well it seems like there are lots of them both on the Internet and in reality too.But what makes a Barbie Girl ? What are her characteristics that make her so different from a normal,natural girl ? Well,in my own opinion,the main traits that make a Barbie Girl what she is are that she is vain,stuck-up,unfriendly,ungrateful,unnatural,usually empty headed and just simply an attention seeker.There are so many beautiful girls in this world.But yet it seems that some girls use their beauty in a way just to attract attention,suck in naive boys and men,until they`ve got what they want or become bored.Then dump that boy/man for a so called " Hotter,Sexier model " The Barbie Girl Image may look very beautiful and Impressive to the eye,from the outside.But the reality is that in most cases,those Barbie doll girls are exactly what they are.That`s just plastic and fake and are just creating beauty from the ouside just by wearing sexy clothes and covering themselves in enough make-up for one hundred women,not just one.I find it really sad and pathetic too that some girls are just blatant charmers and attention seekers.A Barbie Girl does`nt even know the meaning of the words " Please or Thank you "

For me,Natural Girls are the best girls,natural girls with a warm,caring heart and with a friendly,kind,polite personality.Because all the counts is that it`s much better to be natural and liked or maybe even disliked for who you are,than to be a fake barbie girl and have hundreds and hundreds of desperate,stupid boys/men chasing around after you.Although,I`ve come to realize that for some such barbie,charming girls that`s what all this is about,being popular and wanting attention from every man alive.

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