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Дневник пользователя NewSensation

Girls who will always attract the attention of men are the girls with the gorgeous figure,the long,athletic legs,well shaped breasts,the beautiful smile,the lovely,smooth,silky hair.But yet that is just the appearance alone,and appearances alone from the outside can be deceiving.As if there is nothing Inside of the heart then what that girl has in looks really means nothing other than being seen as just " eye candy " for any boy.

The best girls in this life are the girls who possess the warm,caring heart and the friendly personality,regardless of appearance alone.Girls who are polite,sincere and always appreciative.They always have been and always will be.I have come to realize on the Internet that quite often Indeed it`s the so called " Hot Girls " as in the description I made above,who are usually the girls with no heart and not much,if any feelings at all for anyone other than themselves.Not all of them,no.But many of them.So if you`re a boy and you have a Girlfriend or wife who is both Beautiful in appearance and also possesses a wonderful,warm,caring heart and friendly personality too,then you are very,very lucky Indeed.

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Each of us is whether a girl or guy has his own shortcomings. Any girl feels unique. Appearance, yes, I agree it's good, but the inner world must complement it, and it quickly tired of it concerns not only the girls)))
#1, 26.07.2010 - 17:04
Yes,I agree with what you say.As I just wrote below perfection in any person,whether it be girl or boy is not possible.We all have our faults.But if we always treat other people the way we expect to be treat ourselves then we can do not more than that.I send you warm greetings in return
27.07.2010 - 17:21