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Дневник пользователя NewSensation
Each season is different.And now it`s the turn of Autumn to arrive.When you think of Autumn,what do you think ? It`s like the turning point of the year.September arrives and Autumn begins.The daylight hours begin each day to become less and less,it gets darker and darker and with each passing day cooler and cooler and then colder and colder.Autumn is the season that closely follows on from Summer but yet even in the early days of Autumn it seems such a long time ago since those long,warm and light days of Summer.As the leaves turn brown and then slowly at first begin to fall from the trees.As each passing day goes by and then weeks go by too we see so much changing all around,until the trees eventually become bare of all their leaves and all the colourful,beautiful flowers of Summer have died away.To me,I see Autumn in the early stages as a pretty pleasant time of year with the golden brown leaves still on the trees.But yet once they have all died away then Autumn becomes a quite dull,dark and often depressing season and time of the year.Knowing that the following season is Winter leaves us with a long time to wait until the joys of the next Springtime and Summer arrive once again.

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