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Дневник пользователя NewSensation
If you are a person who uses the Internet regularly and you use such social network/friendship/communications websites such as this one and others too,then maybe you will realize that after a while there are not so many faithful people on this net.As sadly the true reality is that for all the people we meet online there will be very,very few who remain with us and form a lasting and true friendship.It`s likely that many of us will meet many different people online.Usually we will exchange a message or two,maybe a few more if we`re lucky,Oh that is providing of course that the person does`nt Ignore us completely from the beginning.But yet from my own experience after using this net for quite some time now I have become aware that to find a loyal friend online is almost like expecting it will snow in summertime.People will come and people will go but very,very few will stand the true test of time.And that is what makes a true,caring friend - Loyalty.It`s just sad that there are many people in this world who don`t know what the word " Loyalty " does actually mean.But it`s even more sad that there are many people online,both men and women,who do know what what the words " Messing people about & Wasting peoples time & Uncaring & Ignorant " certainly do mean.

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