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Дневник пользователя NewSensation

Love - It must be the most wonderful emotion possible.And if you are lucky enough to find love in this sometimes cruel and uncaring world,then you must be so happy and thankful for that.As to find love must be like finding gold.As just as gold is so precious and to be treasured,well so is,and does love too.

But what really is love.To truly love a person is not just about physical attraction.Nor is love just all about sex alone.No,No,It is about much more than that.To truly love a person you accept them for who they are.Even when from time to time you may have disagreements,you will always try to understand each other.And even in the darkest days,when everything and everyone else seems to be against you,well you will always be there for each other,the one who you truly love.You have each other and stand united together in both good and bad times.Devotion,caring,respect and acceptance.To accept that person for who they are,and not who or what you want them to be.Regardless of age and nationality.For me,that is the true meaning of love.

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